Westport Consulting Group provides a multitude of marketing consulting services and valuable industry data and analysis to foodservice companies faced in an ever increasingly competitive industry.

Representative Foodservice Projects

Syndicated Multi-Client Studies/Database
Conduct comprehensive annual study for foodservice companies of 179 foodservice categories utilizing proprietary database. Study includes category market size, growth trends, customer segments, competitor shares and category profitability.

New Business Development/Acquisition Study
Analyze foodservice product categories using client objectives, criteria and WCG’s proprietary database. The top new business categories are identified leading to significant acquisition and new product opportunities.

Business Review/Marketing Study
Marketing study involving analysis of foodservice and industrial market size/growth trends by product, customer segments and competitor shares, strategies and strengths/limitations resulting in significant client opportunities in new customer/product segments.

Representative Foodservice Clients

foodservice client studies


Advanced Food Products / AFP
ASR Group / Domino Foods
Bar-S Foods
Bay Valley Foods
Bunge Oil
Campbell Soup
Cargill, Inc.
Chelsea Milling Co.
C.H. Guenther
ConAgra Brands
Continental Mills
Dawn Foods
Diamond Crystal Brands
Griffith Labs / Custom Culinary
IOI Loders
J.M. Smucker
Jones Dairy Farm
Kagome USA
Kraft Heinz
Land O’Lakes
Mars, Inc.
Nestle USA
Pacific Natural Foods
Perdue Foods
Red Gold
Rich Products
Rosina Foods
Sargento Foods
Simmons Foods
Smithfield Foods
Sugar Creek Packing
Tyson Foods
U.S. Foods
Whitewave Foods

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