Foodservice Studies

Syndicated Multi-Client Studies/Data Base

Comprehensive and proprietary data base updated annually on consumer, foodservice, and food ingredients products. Study includes category market size, growth trends, customer segments, competitor market shares, and category profitability. Study data used in determining whether new business objectives and criteria are satisfied as well as for strategic marketing planning on existing product lines. Study now available in CD-Rom format.

New Business Development – Acquisition/New Products

We use our proprietary data base in all value added foodservice, retail and food ingredient categories containing category market size and growth trends, by principal customer segments and major competitors shares and category profitability. Then, after a review of client’s new business objectives and criteria, we assist clients in identifying the top new business opportunities for internal new product development or external development with top acquisition candidates.

Business Review/Marketing

Analysis of client’s existing business with analysis of market size and growth trends by product type, customer segment and major competitor shares as well as competitive analysis for each major competitor on strengths/limitations, and current strategies. The purpose of the study is to identify major product/customer segments for client expansion opportunities.

Competitive Analysis

Detailed analysis of competitor product types, profitability, distribution methods, sales structure, new product activity, growth potential, basic business strategies, strengths and weaknesses and industry/category competitive advantage, and success factors for gaining or retaining market share. Critical information on competitors is used in developing action strategies in business planning.


Marketing Research – New Product Feasibility Studies

In depth interviewing of appropriate customer executives to ensure successful introduction of new products, innovative packaging or products produced with new manufacturing process methods.


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