Westport Consulting provides a wide array of consulting services to retail food and beverage companies looking to increase profitability, grow their core businesses or expand into new high growth or high margin businesses.

Representative Consumer Projects

Syndicated Multi-Client Studies
Conducted comprehensive study for retail food companies, on an annual basis, of 140 retail food and beverage categories utilizing our proprietary database. Study includes category market size, growth trends, customer segments, competitor shares and category profitability.

Competitive Analysis
Client action strategies were developed from consulting findings involving the competitor’s financial health, promotional activities, manufacturing, suppliers, sales volume, sales structure and management.

Capital Expenditure Marketing Feasibility Study
Detailed study of potential market size/growth trends by retail product and container type provided critical information for client decision on major capital investment.

Representative Consumer Clients


Abbott Nutrition
Campbell Soup
Chiquita Brands
ConAgra Brands
Dean Foods
General Mills
The Hershey Company
Hormel Foods
Kraft Heinz
Land O’Lakes
Mars, Inc.
Nestle USA
Norpac Foods
Procter & Gamble
Rich Products
Ross Nutrition
Safeway Foods


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