Our Team

Peggy B. Thompson – President/CEO

Peggy spent 10 years with national companies in marketing, logistics and strategic planning. Following assignments with Shell Oil and Pillsbury, Peggy attended Harvard Business School, receiving her Masters in Business Administration. She spent 5 years in Brand Management with Procter & Gamble on Brands such as Folgers, Crisco and Millstone Coffee. Peggy has been with Westport Consulting Group for 15 years, specializing in consumer food products and foodservice marketing consulting.

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Richard H. Corbin – Executive Vice President

Dick spent 14 years with national companies in executive management positions in marketing and new business development. He has specialized in consulting in new product development, marketing and strategic planning for the past 25 years as a Senior Vice President of Innotech Corp., as a Vice President of Glendinning Associates and as an Executive Vice President of Westport Consulting Group. Dick attended Lehigh University where he earned a degree in International Relations. He is available for special proprietary consulting projects.
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William K. Blodgett – Co-Founder

Bill Co-Founded Westport Consulting Group in 1986 after a distinguished career in the foodservice and consulting industries. Bill began his career with national food companies serving as a Marketing Manager for The Pillsbury Company and Vice President Marketing & Sales for the Food Division of Peavey Company. For over 30 years he served a wide variety of food and specialty chemical clients in new business development, marketing, acquisitions, new products and strategic planning as a consultant. He served as a Vice President with Glendinning Associates and Lester B. Knight & Associates. Bill attended Dartmouth College and Beloit College where he earned a degree in Economics and spent over 25 years with Westport Consulting Group.
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