Our Story

Westport Consulting Group (WCG) is a full service marketing management consulting firm with offices in Chicago, Illinois. Westport Consulting Group specializes in the food and beverage consumer, foodservice, and food ingredients industries.
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Our Mission

To assist our clients to identify and exploit opportunities that will expand the size and profitability of their businesses. Approximately half of our assignments are focused against established lines of businesses while the remainder of our activities are directed towards developing new business opportunities (new products, new markets and/or acquisitions/joint ventures).

Our Unique Advantage

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WCG has created and maintains a comprehensive and proprietary data base on hundreds of consumer, foodservice and food ingredient product categories. The data base contains such critical category information as:

  • market size and growth
  • customer segmentation
  • competitor market shares

Additionally, the database contains key category financial information such as:

  • category average cost of goods sold
  • category average gross profit

Our Services at Work

As a result of the benefits provided by our studies, research and reports, more than two-thirds of the Top 50 food companies in America have purchased our syndicated studies. These companies have used the data, insights and key findings from our proprietary database to help drive large corporate strategics such as mergers, acquisitions and divestitures as well as important product decisions such as new product development, product line extensions, new flavors and new ingredients. Our clients come from three major food and beverage segments:

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